We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing dementia education, caregiver training, and research focusing on reducing dementia risk and finding a cure.




To create a world without dementia through support, education, and research.


Launching ambassadors of change to eliminate dementia through the advancement of education & research.


Dementia Education & Research Network is working toward a life without dementia by investing and supporting caregivers, providing education, and supporting research that improves the quality of life and gives hope to those facing the challenges of dementia.  Part of our mission is dedicated to programs designed to serve overlooked communities, our veterans, our first responders, our houses of faith, and diverse communities.

Educate One, Serve Many

Dementia Education & Research Network transforms and improves the complex systems that people at risk for and living with dementia must navigate.

Our education programs are created to support patients, families, caregivers, healthcare providers, and the community. Dedicated team members offer opportunities for learning and connecting across and into the community at large. We are here to teach new ways of understanding dementia, how to best communicate and partner with those with dementia and offer support and guidance for caregivers to feel empowered to foster their own well-being and resilience.

  • We emphasize the importance of early detection, diagnosis, documentation, and care collaboration.
  • We educate people on where to find cognitive assessments and community-based social services.
  • We educate families about comprehensive dementia care planning.
  • We educate on successful strategies to support caregivers’ health

We know dementia disproportionately affects Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, those in lower socioeconomic groups, individuals living in underserved geographies, and other marginalized populations in the United States. Our education offers effective strategies and resource referral information in ways that are culturally appropriate, candid, clear, and compassionate for diverse populations.

After completing our education, you become an ambassador that has the ability to reach many.

Dementia Training Improves Lives

Why is training so urgently needed?

Dementia training is necessary to ensure that all who provide direct care are equipped with the tools they need to successfully support and engage a person living with dementia at every stage of the disease.

Every person with dementia deserves specialized person-centered care by someone who is Dementia Care Certified®

We are dedicated to providing dementia training, education, and critical resources to first responders, veterans organizations, and houses of faith who regularly serve our at-risk populations.

We Train First Responders

First responders interact with people with dementia while searching for a lost individual, stopping drivers who exhibit unsafe driving, and rescuing people with dementia from unfamiliar environments and in a medical crisis or disaster situations.

We Train Veterans Organizations

Alzheimer’s disease is a largely invisible, but pressing, long-term challenge in the military veteran community.  Our heroes deserve veteran organizations who are trained and prepared to care for our aging vets.

We Train Churches

Our training utilizes houses of worship to bring education, and awareness and facilitate the dissemination of Alzheimer’s/dementia prevention, treatment, research, and caregiver resources within a trusted church environment.

Research is the Only Path to a Cure

The only way to find better treatments and cures for the millions of people affected by dementia is through research.

The cure for Alzheimer’s and related dementias will be the result of countless hours invested by an entire ecosystem of researchers and organizations. Our research focuses on prevention and modifiable risk factors to reduce the risk for dementia

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